Hello, I’m Marc Breman, a professional crossword compiler, author, composer and musician. To my surprise, I was advised that readers may want to know something more about me, so here goes…

Born: London, UK, to Dutch parents
I Like: Leo Kottke, London Pride, St Ives (Cornwall), Led Zeppelin, cheese, Stravinsky, my Les Paul, storms, Quo (not still, but again), Boulez, brandy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, pesto, Machaut. Did I mention Quo?
On Crosswords: I’ve spent the last 25 years compiling crosswords for every tabloid in the land, particularly the Mirror two-speeds (for the full twenty-five years) and the Express Crusaders (just the last fifteen), as well as the Telegraph, plus periodicals, trade magazines and advertising campaigns. I can reveal that the notorious last News of the World crossword, supposedly full of vitriolic references to Rebekah Brooks, contained nothing of the sort, having been submitted, by me, a full week before the shock announcement of the paper’s termination. Sad but true.

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